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Meet the people of Dream Job

Sabina Read (Host) Read
Abbey Read
Andrew Read
Bill Read
Elise Read
Jetta Read

About the show

At SEEK, our purpose is to help people live more productive and fulfilling working lives, yet we know that almost 60% of Australians feel stuck in their current careers.

To help bridge that gap, SEEK sponsored ‘Dream Job’ – a video series that aims to break down the barriers that hold so many of us back by highlighting, through real people, how achievable a change really can be.

Hosted by psychologist Sabina Read, Dream Job covers the stories of 16 Australians who were motivated to take the leap to test drive a new career after reflecting on the impact an unfulfilling career was having on their happiness.

Watch the stories of these everyday Australians who were given the chance to test drive their dream job and explore career advice around making a career change.